Five Guys Games: Food Service Workers in the GC Wrapping Race
Published May 10, 2019

With the 2019 Five Guys Games in progress, we're taking a look back at 2017 to see how the competitors performed. For the latest on the 2019 Five Guys Games, please follow us at

Speed, focus, and attention to detail are all critical skills needed by Five Guys food service workers to master the Quality Control Wrapping Race. Each competitor must dress, wrap, and mark an all-the-way burger, and a hot dog, in as little time as possible, while adhering to Five Guys operational standards.

Sandwiches that are not properly wrapped, and any sandwich that has punctured tin foil, will result in an additional five seconds added to the competitor's time. Five seconds will be added to the competitor's overall time if sandwiches are not properly dressed, or if a sandwich is crushed and not stacked neatly.

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