Five Guys Games: Restaurant Managers Compete!
Published May 13, 2019

A restaurant manager has several responsibilities in the day-to-day operations of a restaurant. He or she is tasked with the management of team members, and must also ensure that customers are happy at every turn. So when managers compete in our nationwide Five Guys Games, you know they're bringing something special to the table.


Listen to what managers and team members have to say about how Five Guys staff work together to support each other and make customers happy:

"What really made me to try this? It was like two years ago, we really try hard to get into the Five Guys Games. For any circumstance, we couldn't make it. This year, my goal is to go to the top and win the $50,000."

- Iram "La Roca" Hernandez from Kansas City, KS

"The difference from my other job to Five Guys is being the family. From the owners, to the franchisees, to the district managers {they are} more willing to help {versus} being just another name. You know, in a store, it gives you the motivation to come to work."

- Mile "Milo" Suyama from Colorado Springs, CO

"Meeting other strong leaders. It was really you know inspirational for me as well. You know, sometimes you get those get those days when you go to work and you're not as easy as enthused as you should be. But come into something like this really, really puts the flame right back on there."

- Mitchell "The Maniac" Casiano

"I called my mom right away. I called her and I said guess what, and she said you made, it and I said yes. I made it and she couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it and so we're all really excited. I believe my best event was QC wrapping. I just love doing toppings, and I love wrapping the burgers... I have a rap that I say when I wrap the burgers. I didn't do it today, to make sure that I was still fast, but I really enjoyed doing that."

- Suzy "(W)rap Girl" Bonwich from St. Louis, MO

"I think something that makes the brand so successful is obviously consistency - like you go store to store anywhere in the world that has a Five Guys, and you get the exact same product. But even more so, what makes this successful is the crew. I mean, without the crew, there is no brand. There is no Five Guys. Because it's the people that affect the customers, and the quality, and just the consistency of the brand, all the way across the board."

- Sean "Big Cheese" Edwards, Restaurant Manager from St. Louis, MO

"You know I work at Five Guys
Would you think about that
I'm rapping your burgers
I'm a real cool cat
We got french fries, burgers, dogs
Maybe grilled cheese
Got a fry coming over
Now sell it to them please"

- Suzy "(W)rap Girl" Bonwich from St. Louis, MO

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