The Many Layers of Five Guys Restaurant Managers
Published Nov. 25, 2019

The Many Layers of Five Guys Restaurant Managers

At Five Guys, our restaurant managers know the realities of the business. While lots of people simply imagine what it would be like to run their own restaurant, you do it every day. You’ve put in the time and effort, working in all aspects of the business to keep a dream alive: cooking great food that makes customers happy.

Make no mistake: Being a manager at Five Guys is a challenge. It’s also a fun, incredibly rewarding experience.

Our restaurant managers do not work in the background. At Five Guys, our managers run the kitchen and serve customers alongside their team – like one big family. Watching our managers motivate their crew members from the front line is a site to behold, and ensuring customers arrive happy and leave even happier is their goal.

Being able to lead and motivate people is no small feat. That’s why it is one of the most important skills we focus on when holding manager job interviews.

Why is managing people so important at Five Guys? As a team-based work environment, it is important for everyone in our kitchens to be on the same page. Crew energy and communication is vital. Without it, customer service can suffer.

"Without the crew, there is no brand. There is no Five Guys. Because it's the people that effect the customer and the quality." - Shawn Edwards, Manager (St. Louis, MO)

Our open kitchen concept provides plenty of on-the-line communication and job rotation. Crew members and management at Five Guys are cross-trained to ensure they can work every station in the restaurant. While this is a hefty task, it reaffirms our philosophy that each team member is a critical piece to our success.

Good leadership drives that success and in any Five Guys store, leadership comes from the manager and assistant manager. When working for the success of your team, you're not just managing finances and supplies; you’re also looking after your teammates to ensure they have what they need to come to work enthusiastically, have fun while doing their jobs successfully and go home knowing that their efforts were recognized.

"Working side by side with them, gaining their respect, showing them how much you care for the customers and the company – they will follow you." - Amber Drake, Manager (San Jose, CA)

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